About us

The Welfare Quality Network is a collaborative effort of a large group of former partners of the Welfare Quality® project. The importance of retaining the collaboration and expertise established in the Welfare Quality® project has been highlighted in numerous official communications. 

The Welfare Quality Network focuses on scientific exchange and activities to contribute to the further development of the Welfare Quality® animal welfare assessment systems. The Welfare Quality Network also aims to provide relevant knowledge and services to support actors in animal production chains who would like to implement or use the Welfare Quality® animal welfare assessment systems.
The activities focus on the following main areas:

  • Management of the system and support instruments (including training in their use by Network partners)
  • Maintenance of the system
  • Upgrading the system
  • Promoting stakeholder involvement
  • Prioritizing and facilitating research

The Management Team of the Welfare Quality Network consists of the co-ordinator and chair Harry Blokhuis and the following members: Isabelle Veissier, Mara Miele, Antoni Dalmau and Bryan Jones.

Currently, the Welfare Quality Network is not structurally financed or supported. Therefore, development and execution of the valuable activities will require funding from stakeholders and/or research funding agencies.